Dr. Andrew Kataba - Publications

    • Kataba A, E.S Mwaanga, H Simukoko and C.P.M Parés, 2014. Clinical anatomy of the head Region of Gwembe Valley dwarf goat in Zambia. International Journal Veterinary Science, 3(3): 142-146. www.ijvets.com.

  • Parés-Casanova P.M, Kataba, A, Mwaanga E.S and Simukoko, H, 2014. Gynomimicry in the Dwarf Gwembe breed from Zambia. Research, 1: 809.

  • 3. Pandey G.S, Hang'ombe B.M, Mushabati F and Kataba A, 2013. Prevalence of tuberculosis among southern Zambian cattle and isolation of Mycobacterium bovis in raw milk obtained from tuberculin positive cows, Veterinary World 6(12): 986-991.

  • 4. Parés-Casanova PM, Kataba A, Mwaanga ES, Simukoko H (2014) Skull Sexual Monorphism in the Gwembe Dwarf Goat Breed from Zambia. J Vet Sci Anim Husb 2(3): 301. doi: 10.15744/2348-9790.1.504.

  • 5. Mwaanga E.S, Kataba A, Parés-Casanova P.M, Phiri E, and Lundu T, (2014) Caudal epididymal sperm morphology and body measurements relationships of the Gwembe Dwarf bucks. International Journal of Agricultural Policy and Research Vol.2 (10), pp. 346-351.

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